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Friday, April 20, 2018

SAE Australia recognises APV with a 2017 Platinum Award.

APV’s makes a broad contribution to Road Safety across Australia and this is no more evident that in assessing the Safety of Accessories fitted to vehicles. The latest 4WDS and SUVs have advanced Safety Management Systems, that include sensors and radars in the front of the vehicle to trigger firing of pretensioner seatbelts and airbags during vehicle crashes along with critical sensors, including radar, for their autonomous systems such as Autonomous Emerging Braking.

APV recognised in 2012 the need to provide additional support to industry in ensuring that accessories do not interfere with such systems. An early adopter of this was the Car Seat Cover manufacturers ensuring that their products are tested at APV in Australia’s only certified Airbag lab to ensure they do not interfere with Airbag deployments.

Testing that Bullbars do not interfere with such systems though, is a very complex issue. At low impacts, you do not want this rigid structure prematurely firing the vehicles airbags, even in a low speed Kangaroo strike. But similarly in a harsh accident we need the vehicles safety systems to perform as designed.

Yet how do we test this and make it affordable for Australia’s Bull Bar manufacturers without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars crash testing vehicles - just to test the bull bar design and fitment? In fact under our testing regimes, it has not been uncommon for us to send the manufacturers back to the drawing board several times before a final product is released onto the Market. This can only be done with APv’s innovative and low cost test programs.

The underlying principle of the testing is found in a sophisticated test methodology that we commenced development of in 2012 that simulates the frontal crash dynamics of the vehicle along with the OEM bumper bar design and mounting surfaces - with back to back testing of the Manufacturers Bull Bar and Mounting systems.

This provides the highest level of assurance possible, without the actual costs of completing full vehicle crash test programs.

It is with great pride that I can recognise the work of our team, as a result of receiving this prestigious award. Thanks SAE.

Harry Hickling

Managing Director.




Wednesday, November 01, 2017

APV Executive Team Announcement

I am pleased to announce that APV will be strengthening our Executive Leadership team with the appointment of Mr Martin Merry to the position of General Manager for APV Safety Products. Martin has a distinguished career with General Motors Holden, across their Manufacturing and Operations Management at GM, most recently as their Director of Vehicle Operations and prior to this Management of GMH’s Engine Plant.


Chris Sweetman, will move to a dedicated Business Development and Key Account Management role for APV Safety Products.


Steve Cooper, our General Manager for APV Engineering and Testing Services will remain in his role.


Steve, Martin, Chris, Natasha Hickling (HR, OH&S and Export Controls Manager) and myself now form the Executive Team of APV moving forward.


This marks an important milestone in the continued transformation of APV into an internationally recognised company within the Passive Safety Systems, Survivability and Safety markets. Our Executive Team will have over 100 years of world class Automotive, Manufacturing and Operations experience across our targeted industries.


Martin will be focus on ensuring that we meet the highest levels of Quality and Delivery performance and that we exceed our customer expectations as a World Class OEM of seatbelts and specialist restraints.


Over 50% of our production is now exported internationally, including recent contract awards into China. This requires APV to be cost competitive, to perform at the highest levels of quality and delivery performance, an ability to offer superior speed to market, OEM engineering capabilities and to exceed customer expectations. With APV now exporting circa 140,000 units per annum into North American and 190,000 units internationally. Martin will bring added strength and capability to our team to manage these critical export elements of our business as well as ensuring that we remain the Market Leader within the Australian and New Zealand markets.


APV has achieved considerable success with our Growth and Diversification agenda. We hold a dominate position within our existing Markets and Geographies and as an organisation well recognised for our contributions to Road Safety Outcomes, Survivability and Safety. During the past year, we have met with existing customers to better understand their future needs, developed a new strategic growth agenda and Sales and Marketing plans. Chris Sweetman will now lead these initiatives moving forward with a 100% focus on our growth and diversification agenda.


Chris will also be available to our customers, to address Strategic Product or Customer Services Issues.


Steve, will continue to drive the growth and diversification of the APV Test Centre, including its international recognition across our targeted markets. APV Engineering and Testing Services is now Australia's point of expertise on Survivability and Safety Testing with exciting test programs across Military, Law Enforcement and Aerospace.

Please welcome Martin on board and see the attached overview of the Executive Team. Martin can be reached on 03 9355 5543 or


If you have any questions pertaining to this letter please feel free to contact me on:+61 3 9355 5500.


Yours Sincerely

Harry Hickling

Managing Director

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