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Friday, July 20, 2018


FY18 Brings 28% Revenue Growth for APV

  • 28% Revenue Growth across all markets
  • Awarded 2 major International supply contracts
  • Expanded management team
  • Commissioned 2 additional production lines and 20% increase in production staff to support increased demand
  • $2 million Investment into Test Centre

Harry Hickling, Managing Director of APV, is pleased to announce our 28% revenue growth during FY18.

“FY18 has been an exciting year for us and I wish to thank our customers for their support. Our persistence in the world market, brand recognition, our people and dedication to top quality products has resulted in this strong long-term growth for the company”.

APV is now selling at volume into Australia, NZ, USA, Europe and Asia as demonstrated by fortnightly pallet deliveries into the US. This is a tremendous result as we continue to build our international Brand and Reputation”

Within the Bus and Coach market we are the dominant supplier for Australian and continue to grow our North American market, where we have just completed a large build demonstrating APV Safety Products as a well established international OEM.

APV also continues to build our Industrial and Material Handling markets internationally, with important relationships for distribution of our products.


Martin Merry, ex Holden Director Vehicle Operations, has been appointed as GM for APV Safety Products to support our continued growth and to further refine our production capacity, systems and process controls.

To support this growth Safety Products has completed the upgrade and commissioning of two addition production lines to enable on time delivery for our growing order demand.

Good news for our people has been the 20% increase in production staff to account for the new production lines and the current work mix for domestic and international customers.

Rapid increases in production requirements has required us to make many changes to our production areas and had a flow-on effect to our suppliers who have had to quickly react to our higher volume requests. “It’s great to have the conversations with suppliers that yes the volume is real, and I need it yesterday,” said Martin Merry.


APV Safety Products completed its full upgrade to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System in October 2017 and continues to have Independent Auditing of its processes and procedures, and Standards Compliance to ensure the highest levels of quality.

APV Safety Products is the only Seatbelt manufacturer and supplier in Australia performing these quality processes to ensure production quality and traceability. And this is backed up by the extensive test programs within the Test Centre.

In any one day, production can be manufacturing products to a variety of international standards including: ADR4, AS/NZS2596, FMVSS, SAEJ386, ECE R16 so strong controls are essential.


APV is please to announce the $2 million investment in new Cameras, Test Dummies and Equipment to ensure that the Test Centre remains the most advance facility of its type in Australia. These capabilities will support advanced design and manufacturing for industry as well as testing to the latest international protocols, including NCAP and ADR’s

The Test facility recently won the 2017 SAE Gold and Platinum Innovation Award for development of Test Methodologies for Automotive Accessories and Bull Bars. The Safety Assessment of accessories will continue to grow with the increased sophistication of vehicle safety systems.


There is an exciting year ahead for APV, our customers, suppliers and staff as we continue to improve the business, start new contracts and release new products to support our customers.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018 Harmonised Full Frontal Crash Testing at APV

Setting new standards in vehicle crash testing, this month the APV Test Lab completed ANCAP’s first official full frontal crash testing.

By adopting the latest international test protocols for vehicle safety, APV is positioned as one of the most advanced dynamic crash test facilities in the world. Representatives from EuroNCAP were here this week reviewing the results and lessons learn’t - with the objective of ensuring that ANCAP test results from Australia can be recognised internationally. This would position ANCAP and Australia to provide an increased role in supporting the Automotive Industry and Vehicle Safety across the region.

For the first time fully instrumented 5th percentile female crash dummies are put through the rigours of a Frontal Car Crash at 50 kph. This sets a new standard with a far more severe test than prior ANCAP testing or the ADR testing. It simulates a small female adult, who is seated close to the steering wheel and is at higher risk from head injuries and aggressive airbag inflation during a severe frontal crash test. The most modern Vehicle Safety Systems, measure how far forward the seat is located and the weight of the occupant and will tune the airbag firing and seatbelts to better protect smaller adults during such accidents. The new test protocol will encourage all manufacturers to adopt these systems and strive for even higher levels of safety.

Similarly in the past, the sophistication of the safety systems for passengers in the rear seats has not been adequately measured. Now, for the first time we are measuring this and undoubtably will provide valuable feedback to the car companies and encourage the adoption of new levels of safety for passengers in the rear of the vehicle - including of course our children as they are growing up. More often than not, it is our loved ones travelling in the car with us. So this is a really exciting development in Vehicle Safety Testing. Something I strongly support.

Once the official ANCAP ratings are released, we will load video footage of the crash testing onto the site. Footage that is using the worlds most advanced High Speed High Definition (HSHD) photography using Phantom Flex and Veo cameras.

Harry Hickling

Managing Director.

Attached photo - “Harry Hickling, Managing Director with the two new Instrumented 5th Percentile Female Crash Dummies.”